An Automated Cryptocurrency Fund
where Silicon Valley Meets Wall Street


Block Bits Capital is a first market mover in the nascent cryptocurrency space. We found that this space was a place that was open for both investment, and the development of quality trading and analysis technology. However, our focus is on how to best trade cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges utilizing best in class automation, and machine learning.


Block Bits Capital was founded by Japheth Dillman and David Mata after both had been trading in the crypto space at a retail level for several years.  Both have varied pasts, but have deep expertise in software development, product and operational strategy, and leading decentralized teams with products that have reached hundreds of millions of users throughout their careers.

Japheth Dillman

Founder, Managing Director,
& Investor Relations

David Mata

Founder & Chief
Investment Officer

We have a focused and growing team of 10Xers. We have staff with competencies in platform development, machine learning, automated analysis and security. This team is focused on the continual development of our quantitative trading platform, and finding the next reliable predictors for market performance. In additional to our engineers we have focused analysts and mathematicians that are supporting both platform development, and the trading cycle.


There’s been a lot of discussion about the crypto markets ranging from “bubble,” to “life changing global finance ecosystem,” and more. Our focus on the crypto market is a bit more pragmatic. Blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies are the next great space for innovation and growth. 

Blockchain companies seek to decentralize and secure a lot of the data and procedures that we have to date kept both vulnerable and centralized.

Cryptocurrencies work as a next generation store of value, that we are focused on the long and short term trading of.

Our role at Block Bits Capital is twofold, find and invest in quality, best in class, next generation blockchain focused startups, and to invest in the top cryptocurrencies in a series of managed trading funds. Due to our first to market positioning, we have in depth and early access to pre-ICO companies, service providers and advisor pools. This helps us better understand where the market is going, what is generating real value to our Limited Partners, and where the alt-coins we trade are going to go as a series of markets.

ICOs & Services

We work within the ICO space as advisors, both for the raise and the company’s growth, as well as services coordinators. We have several investment products for ICO Teams that will aid them in de-risking the massive influx of capital they receive from an ICO raise, and ensuring that their token purchasers feel safe entrusting the team with their capital. We offer for ICO Teams:

Custodial Services: Asset management of a portion or the entirety of all funds earned in an ICO raise

ICO Capital Management: Asset management, paired with investment solutions that will help ICO teams generate a profit on their remaining assets, and create discipline through a multi-stage milestone payment plan, where development asset distribution is tied to performance goals

Concierge Services: We offer customized services, ranging from second market sales, to escrow services and portfolio strategy consulting.

For more information on either of these services, please contact Dave Mata via Linkedin.

The Funds

Currently, all of our funds are private investment funds, and are by invitation only.

Fund I – Is a managed cryptocurrency trading fund and is closed.

ICO Fund – This fund will invest in pre-ICO companies for ICO tokens, and then liquidate as the market dictates.

Fund II – This fund is is similar to Fund II and will be using our proprietary quantitative trading platform.

Fund III – This fund is is similar to Fund II and will be using our proprietary quantitative trading platform.

We will be bringing more funds online as the cryptocurrency market grows, in order to ensure that we are big enough to be efficient and profitable in the market, without exerting undue influence. Our initial fund has also given us the partnerships needed to aid ICO holders with the market making and custodial asset holding needed for bringing a new token to an exchange.

We also develop and plan to publish a periodic report on the various exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, rating them for effectiveness, activity, and safety as a service to retail traders.